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Google I/O keynotes to be streamed live on June 27th and 28th

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Google has announced that it will be streaming its I/O keynote sessions this year.

Google Drive
Google Drive

Google I/O — Mountain View's annual developer conference — is becoming a bigger deal every year, and this year promises to be no exception with the likely debuts of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a Nexus tablet, and rumors of Android@Home news. For those who can't attend (it sold out the same day that tickets went on sale), there's a viable plan B: Google will be streaming the keynotes live, which means you'll be able to catch all the news as it happens from the comfort of your computer.

Of course, we'd also recommend that you follow along with our live blogs — we'll have a team at I/O covering all the news as it happens starting the morning of June 27th. Stay tuned!