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Bing Maps updated with 165TB of new high-resolution imagery

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Bing Maps has added loads of hi-resolution imagery, including landmarks and monuments from around the globe.

Bing Maps 165TB 2
Bing Maps 165TB 2

Bing Maps has added a total of 165TB of new aerial images taken from satellites and aircraft, expanding the mapping app's trove of high-resolution photos to the remote corners of the globe. The new images span a whopping 38 million square kilometers, covering wide swaths of North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. The aircraft photography alone accounts for 1.03 million square kilometers, capturing 160 "Areas of Interest" that include landmarks, monuments, and generally attractive bits of terrain. This particular release is Bing's largest to date, dwarfing its database's previous total of 129 terabytes. If you fancy a look at some of the new vistas, fire up the Bing World Tour app to watch a slideshow or explore at your leisure.