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Wired and The New Yorker dropping Flipboard formatted content

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Both Wired and The New Yorker will be stopping their practice of producing specially-formatted content — and selling advertising through it — for Flipboard.

New Yorker Flipboard iPhone
New Yorker Flipboard iPhone

Flipboard may be offering more content from the New York Times than ever before, but other publishers appear to be having second thoughts about catering directly to the app. Ad Age is reporting that both Wired and The New Yorker have decided to stop providing Flipboard-formatted content through the app, and will cease selling ads through it as well. Instead, they'll be taking a more traditional, RSS-style approach, offering a single headline that will pull up their respective websites. "If digital consumers want to interact with Wired," the magazine's Howard Mittman told Ad Age, "they can do so at and not through an intermediary."

The problem, both magazines say, is the ad sales: Wired cites lack of performance, and while The New Yorker instead points to concerns over the resources needed to sell Flipboard ad space, it's a safe assumption that were Flipboard proving lucrative the magazine would be able to resolve such issues. While the news could appear to be a sign of bad things to come for Flipboard, the two entities appear to be outliers at the moment; while both are part of the Condé Nast family of publications, sister magazines like Bon Appetit, Vanity Fair, and Details will continue to cater directly to Flipboard. Wired and The New Yorker will be putting their changes into effect next month.