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90 Seconds on The Verge: June 25th, 2012

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90 Seconds On The Verge is a snapshot of the day's big stories, presented by the charming and delightful Verge team.

90 Seconds - Josh
90 Seconds - Josh

We have a new daily show! It's called 90 Seconds On The Verge (yes, we're going to milk this name just a little bit more). It's a bite-sized look at the biggest stories of the day, presented by one of our charming editors. Today it's me, tomorrow it will be someone else, and then the following day it might be another human being altogether. It could be an editor you've seen before, or a mysterious stranger with something to hide. The important thing is that we're in this together, and we won't make it out alive unless we learn to trust one another.

We hope you like the new series, but we're also eager to hear ways you think we might improve upon the concept — so feel free to sound off in comments!

Stories of the day: