Growing up, my mom would take me and my siblings to the library once a week. When I graduated past Curious George and Boxcar Children books, I began to haunt the magazine racks. You could only browse current issues, but you could check out any back issues, and I began to run through months of Macworld, Wired, and Popular Science at a time. I let the tech writing wash over me, and formulated endless ideas of what the future would look like, but there was one techno-vision that stuck out to me most of all: MIT Media Lab's wearable computer group.

Presented to me was beautiful future, already existing in microcosm. Students, I was now aware, were roaming real hallways somewhere in Massachusetts, wearing real head-mounted displays, connected to real backpacks that carried portable computers. To me it didn't really matter what any of them were actually doing with their wearable computers, what was important to me was that they had them. Wouldn't a glorious future flow naturally from there?