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Apple tweaks its Mac OS X marketing, softens security claims

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Earlier this month, Apple unveiled slight changes to its "Why you'll love a Mac" website, in a move that some interpret as an admission that its Mac OS X software is susceptible to viruses.

Apple has long claimed that its Mac OS X software is immune to viruses, but according to the company's website, that message appears to have softened. Earlier this month, Apple quietly unveiled tweaks to its "Why you'll love a Mac" page, replacing the phrase "It doesn't get PC viruses" with the less declarative "Built to be safe." The company introduced another change, as well, replacing "Safeguard your data. By doing nothing." with "Safety. Built right in." Sophos was quick to spot the alteration, and posted a before-and-after comparison, available here.

This rephrasing comes just a few weeks after a Flashback trojan affected some 600,000 Macs, leading some to interpret the move as a tacit admission of vulnerability. Apple was quick to issue a fix for the malware, though it now appears that the incident may have spurred a change in marketing, as well.