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'Sound-Word Index' can help you express your emotions online

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The Sound Word Index aims to organize the letter repetition and onomatopoeia that people use in their digital communications into a kind of dictionary.

non conversation 1020
non conversation 1020

Using text to communicate online can make it difficult to express the kind of nuance and emotion that we’re used to in our face to face interactions. In response, Royal College of Art graduates Blanche de Lasa and Stina Gromark are developing a new, crowdsourced corpus called the Sound-Word Index. The work attempts to organize the various letter repetitions and onomatopoeia that people use on the internet into something resembling a dictionary. On top of some clever typography and emoticon use (pictured below), the site also includes audio snippets of how these things would be voiced out loud — check the source link to hear "!!!!" for yourself.