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Google Build brings Lego to Chrome

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Google Australia and Lego have partnered up to launch Build, a WebGL Lego simulator that lets you populate Australia and New Zealand with your Lego creations.

Build with chrome verge logo
Build with chrome verge logo

Google Australia and Lego have launched Build, a WebGL Lego simulator. Build takes a (Google) map of Australia and New Zealand, divides it into tiny plots of land, and invites you to get creative with 3D lego blocks. Once you pick your plot, you'll have a 32 x 32 grid to build in. There are 120 (12 shapes in 10 colors) standard Lego blocks as well as a pre-fabricated door and window to choose from.

Once you've built your creation — or if you're just looking for some ideas — you can take a look around a map of Australia and New Zealand and check out what other people have been up to. Google Australia says in a blog post that it hopes Build will expand to cover more countries soon, but there's nothing to stop you from grabbing some Australian land for now.

The site seems to be very popular, with thousands of tiles listed as "under construction" already. As for creations, there's already a giant banana, a medieval castle, and a very cool sea snake. Inspired? Visit the Build with Chrome website and get started.