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Vizio Co-Star Google TV and OnLive media streamer made official, pre-orders begin in July for $99.99

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Vizio has officially unveiled its Google TV media streamer, the Co-Star. It'll be available for pre-order in July for $99.99.

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Vizio may have been the surprise of CES with its lineup of laptops and all-in-ones, but the Californian company also unveiled its own Google TV unit back at the trade show in January, codenamed the VAP430. Now that it's summer, Vizio has seen fit to release the device as the Co-Star, and, as rumored, it'll cost you $99.99. In case you've forgotten, the Co-Star is a fully-fledged (but skinned) Google TV that connects directly to your set-top box via HDMI pass-through. It also offers an HTML 5 Chrome web browser, a selection of apps, DLNA streaming, and the company's let out a bit of a surprise: the unit will also work as an OnLive streamer. It's a bit of a fresh take on what the Logitech Revue and Sony's recent NSZ-GS7 have tried before, but Vizio certainly hopes it'll fare better. The unit will only be available to pre-order from Vizio's website come next month, and for $99.99 it'll come with a universal touchpad remote.