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FishPi is a tiny, Raspberry Pi-enabled ship that aims to cross the Atlantic

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Now that Raspberry Pi's are getting into the hands of folks around the world, we're starting to see all kinds of interesting projects. And in the case of Greg Holloway, his goal is a little more ambitious than most — to use a Raspberry Pi to create an autonomous vehicle that will cross the Atlantic Ocean. The aptly named FishPi project is currently in the proof of concept phase, but the final version will be powered by a 130 watt solar panel and includes features like a GPS, servo controller board for driving the rudder and motor, a compass, and a camera. The current test version is 20-inches long and features the Raspberry Pi itself housed in a plastic sandwich container. There's no word yet on when the FishPi will be ready to take to the seas, but eventually Holloway hopes to create kits so that students and hobbyists can easily create their own autonomous water vehicles.

Thanks, Coolius!