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NASA astronaut Donald Pettit wields 10 Nikon DSLRs on the ISS

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NASA astronaut and flight engineer Donald Pettit poses with ten Nikon DSLRs on the International Space Station.

NASA Donald Pettit
NASA Donald Pettit

NASA astronaut and current International Space Station scientist Donald Pettit recently appeared at OnOrbit posing with an astonishing ten Nikon DSLRs and their accompanying lenses. However, Pettit isn't in on the ISS as NASA's official photographer — he's a flight engineer with a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and a veteran of several ISS missions. He's even done some lighthearted physics experiments from space so that the rest of us can get an impression of what it's actually like in zero gravity. Want to see what kind of images an astronaut with a serious penchant for photography can turn out? You can see several of them right here.