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US military launching Reddit-like service so personnel can upvote ideas

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Soon military personnel will be able to upvote ideas in the same way Reddit users upvote memes.

Military people using computers
Military people using computers

The US military is building its own version of Reddit. As Defense News reports, the new online tool will be called Eureka, and like Reddit it will let members of the military upvote content — only instead of the latest news and memes, soldiers can vote for ideas. It will be part of milBook, the military's answer to Facebook, and the hope is that users will help solve some of the bigger issues that the military is facing. "Maybe someone on milBook has that idea or can crack that nut," said Tom Curran, product director for milSuite, the military's group of online tools, which includes versions of Wikipedia, YouTube, and more. Eureka is due to launch next month and, like the rest of milSuite, will only be accessible for military personnel and civilian employees.