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Monster Clarity HD Micro speaker supports both apt-X and AAC, coming July 1st for $219.95

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The Monster Clarity HD Micro is a $219.95 Bluetooth speaker that supports both apt-X and AAC codecs and comes with voice controls. It will be in stores July 1st.

Monster Clarity HD Micro
Monster Clarity HD Micro

Monster may no longer make the ubiquitous Beats headphones, but it's pushing forward with the rest of its audio lineup. Along with some non-Beats headphones, we got to check out the Clarity HD Micro, a Bluetooth speaker that's been showing up since early this year but is just now getting pricing and a release date. Though it looks fairly nondescript, the speaker is notable for including support for both apt-X and AAC. That means anyone on an iPhone, HTC One X, or other device that supports either codec will be ensured higher quality than on most Bluetooth speakers, which tend to support one or the other. Everyone else will get standard-definition Bluetooth audio, and there don't seem to be any plans for Bluetooth 4.0.

The speaker also comes with swappable covers and voice controls, which can be activated by saying its name and then ordering it to do things like check battery life or go into pairing mode. Trade shows are generally terrible places to test audio equipment, but it sounded very rich in our brief hands-on, and the voice commands only needed occasional repetition. Monster plans to officially announce the Clarity HD Micro tomorrow for $219.95; it will be in stores July 1st.