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Sony reveals first details of new wearable action camera

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Sony has revealed details of a currently unnamed wearable action camera with a Carl Zeiss "ultra-wide-angle" lens and image stabilization.

sony action camera
sony action camera

The world of wearable action cameras has been hitherto dominated by smaller companies like GoPro, but there'll be a new heavyweight competitor soon in the shape of Sony. The company has shared photos and details of a currently unnamed action camera on its blog, and while details are scarce we know it'll have a Carl Zeiss "ultra-wide-angle" lens with image stabilization.

There'll also be waterproof and rugged housings, and Sony promises "super high-quality video" and a lightweight build. We'll have to wait for more information before we can evaluate that last claim, and there's no indication of price or release date, but for now it's another twist in the company's promised expansion of its digital imaging division.