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DC Comics titles now available on Nook Color and Tablet

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Barnes and Noble today announced a new partnership with DC Entertainment that brings more than 100 new titles to the Nook Tablet and Color. The company also introduced a new Zoom View reading feature.

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nook tablet nook color
nook tablet nook color

Nook Tablet and Color owners now have access to a wider selection of graphic novels, thanks to Barnes and Noble's new partnership with DC Comics. As a result of this deal, more than 100 DC titles are now available on the Nook Tablet and Color, with additional novels added every month. These titles will also be available through Barnes and Noble's Nook Android app. Among the titles immediately available for purchase are Watchmen, The Sandman, and The New 52, which now join the slate of Marvel Comics already on sale from Nook Comics.

Barnes and Noble is also introducing a new Nook Comics feature called Zoom View, which allows users to zoom in on single panels, and read novels one panel at a time. To add this feature, users will have to update their Nook Tablet or Color software to version 1.4.3 (Nook Color only recently added comics support with its update to version 1.4.1, back in December). User can manually upgrade to 1.4.3 here, though Barnes and Noble will issue an OTA update on June 27th.