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Samsung 27-inch Series 9 LED monitor available now for $1,199.99

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Samsung's 27-inch Series 9 m are now available in the US.

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Gallery Photo: Samsung Series 9 monitor photos
Gallery Photo: Samsung Series 9 monitor photos

Following last week's launch of the Series 7 monitors, Samsung's higher-end Series 9 model is now available in the US. The 27-inch 2560 x 1440 LED display comes complete with HDMI, DVI, and twin USB ports, along with support for MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) connectivity with various portable devices. We first saw this monitor back at CES and were impressed with its physical design, though it's slipped quite a bit from its original March release date. You can order it right now from Newegg, and it should be hitting other retailers on Friday.

One sticking point might be the price — at $1,199.99, some might consider it a hard sell over Apple's already expensive $999 Thunderbolt and Cinema displays, which have the same screen size and resolution. If you're after more traditional input methods, though, this could be a good bet.