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MetroTwit for Windows 8 now available in the Windows Store

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A Windows 8 Metro style version of MetroTwit is now available in the Windows Store.

MetroTwit for Windows 8
MetroTwit for Windows 8

MetroTwit for the desktop has been available to Windows 8 users throughout the testing phase of the operating system, but the team has now released a Metro style version of the popular Twitter app. Available in the Windows Store, the preview version of MetroTwit contains most of the functionality you'd expect from a Twitter app, including column support and picture uploads.

We've been using MetroTwit desktop on our Windows machines, naming it a must-have app to make Windows 7 more beautiful. The Windows 8 version is designed with mouse and touch support in mind and includes some built-in live tiles to provide a quick overview of different parts of a Twitter account. It's certainly one of the better looking Windows 8 Twitter clients available right now and we're looking forward to seeing how the team updates it in future versions.