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Lenovo releases Android 4.0 update for US ThinkPad Tablets

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The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet is being updated to Android 4.0 in the US.

ThinkPad Tablet-VERGE watermark
ThinkPad Tablet-VERGE watermark

After the international rollout began last month, Lenovo is pushing Android 4.0 out to US owners of its ThinkPad Tablet. The update brings with it all the benefits of Ice Cream Sandwich, including a refined user interface, NFC-based sharing with Android Beam, Face Unlock, and access to new and improved core apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Google Chrome, and the People app.

The update has been trickling down to users over-the-air since Monday, so if you haven't received a notification yet chances are it won't be too much longer. If you're itching to say goodbye to Honeycomb right now you could always do our favorite trick and spend your day tapping the "Software Update" button in the settings menu until it's available.

Thanks, Babyfacemagee!