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EA's HTML5 'Strike Fortress' aims to take browser gaming to the next level

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EA is working on a multiplayer HTML5 game called Strike Fortress. Despite being written with web standards, the game features rich 3D graphics and audio effects.

ea strike force 640 (ea)
ea strike force 640 (ea)

EA, one of the largest and best-known game studio in the world, will be showing off a new multiplayer game called Strike Fortress (pictured above) at Google’s I/O developer conference this week, reports the New York Times. What makes the game special isn’t its 3D visuals, robot combat, or audio effects — although they are reportedly impressive — but rather, that the game is written in HTML5, a web standard. As such, it can be played in Google’s Chrome browser on phones, tablets, and computers, without the need for so much as a special plugin, and with reportedly very low latency.

Using HTML5 allowed EA to avoid the expensive tools and long development cycles required in console gaming. According to the company's chief creative director Richard Hilleman, the game took a group of college interns five months to write.

Chrome’s Native Client allows lets users run non-web code like C++ from their browsers, enabling rich games like MAME, Square Enix’s Mini Ninjas, and Bastion — the latter of which got its start on Xbox Live Arcade. Unlike these games, however, Strike Fortress is written with web code, and powered by computers at an EA data center. It certainly sounds great, but it might be a while before this caliber of browser-based game is ready for prime time — Hilleman tells the Times that it might not be available for a year, if at all.