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    Coordinated quadrocopters perform live light show at Cannes

    Coordinated quadrocopters perform live light show at Cannes


    KMel Robotics designed a light show with 16 quadrocopters for a showcase at Cannes.

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    Remember the dancing AR.Drones of CES? Apparently KMel Robotics saw potential competition, because the quadrocopter company put together a literally dazzling performance for last week's Saatchi and Saatchi New Directors' Showcase at Cannes. As seen in the video below, a fleet of 16 specialized quadrocopters took to the air in a coordinated light show, "walking" on spotlights and circling each other as they attempted to illustrate the event's theme of "meeting your creator."

    In terms of robotics, the dance number wasn't quite as impressive as some of KMel's previous demos, particularly these agile groups of nanocopters — unless, of course, the robots somehow choreographed their own act. It is, however, a very clever fusion of traditional showmanship and emerging technology. Here's hoping the company teams up with Pink Floyd's Laser Light Show next.