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iPads installed in Tennessee DMVs to help reduce wait times

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A number of DMVs in Tennessee have been equipped with new iPad kiosks so that you don't have to wait so long to renew your license.

Tennessee DMV iPad
Tennessee DMV iPad

Airlines and airports have already taken to using iPads to make travelling slightly more enjoyable, and now the state of Tennessee is using them to help cut down on the time you need to spend hanging around in a DMV. The state has spent $79,200 to install 72 iPad kiosks across 26 service centers, which will be used to help reduce waiting times by letting you renew or replace your license from the tablet — a process that supposedly takes just "minutes" to complete. You can also use the iPad kiosks to update your address, and in the future they'll be updated so that you can schedule road tests. Of course, you can always go online to renew your license, but if for some reason that's not an option, the new iPads should make that trip to the DMV a little more tolerable.