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Unlocked Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ price dropped to $349 off-contract

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Google has dropped the price of the GSM Galaxy Nexus to $349 off-contract.

Galaxy Nexus Android 4
Galaxy Nexus Android 4

Google has just dropped the price of the GSM Galaxy Nexus to an even more attractive price ahead of Google I/O: it's available now for just $349 off-contract from the Google Play device store. The search giant started selling devices directly from Google Play back in late April, and the AT&T and T-Mobile-friendly Galaxy Nexus demanded $399 at that time. Of course, it's not clear if the price drop means that Google is planning to announce a new Nexus phone today or not, though we do know that the Nexus 7 tablet is on its way. Either way, $349 is an extremely attractive price for a contract-free device, and an earlier leak from the Google Play store said it'd be the first phone to get Jelly Bean. Are you going to bite?


Thanks, Joel!