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Nexus Q teardown: made in the USA

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Google has provided Wired with a number of images showing off the many internal bits of the Nexus Q.


As The New York Times reports, the Nexus Q was designed and manufactured in the US — including some of the device's semiconductors. Google's decision to manufacture the device in the US is significant when compared to its rivals, like Apple, HP, and others, who routinely assemble their products in China and other overseas locations. As Wired reports, Google selected a number of suppliers in the US to craft the Q, including a rifle-maker in Wisconsin that created its die-cast zinc base.

Google has also provided Wired with a number of images showing off the Nexus Q's many internal bits. The $299 "social streaming media player," revealed today at Google I/O, is a cloud-based device that streams music and video, and can also act as a 25-watt amplifier. In the gallery you can see the Q's internals, including a number of uniquely shaped circuit boards and the same chipset as the Galaxy Nexus.

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