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    Google shows off Project Glass at I/O with live skydiving and bike jumps (video)

    Google shows off Project Glass at I/O with live skydiving and bike jumps (video)


    Google demonstrates using Project Glass glasses to stream skydiving and other extreme sports through a Hangout.

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    Google's Sergey Brin admits that Project Glass may not be as polished as the Nexus 7, but he's just showed off a live skydiving video recorded with the glasses. One of Brin's friends dived out of a plane onto the roof of Moscone while streaming the whole thing through Project Glass in a Hangout. After the diver landed on the roof, Brin switched to a feed of some bikers also wearing glasses, who then launched off the side of the building using ramps, followed by yet another athlete who rappelled to the ground.

    Obviously, live video streaming is already possible with current technology, and we're guessing supplementary hardware was required for the show (besides the obvious parachutes, bikes, and ropes.) Even so, we wish more product demos involved extreme sports.

    The rest of the demo wasn't nearly as flashy, but Google revealed a little more about what it hopes people will do with Glass. The latest prototype apparently weighs "less than many sunglasses," and it will have a scalable design that looks like it might fit on actual sunglasses or normal prescription frames. It can also capture video clips, although they appear to be very short — about three seconds. One thing that is a bit odd is that we still haven't seen much of an overlay, especially given that Google has been touting the glasses' ability to connect people with information, not just give them the spectacle cameras from Transmetropolitan. Brin has said this is because it's still in an early stage, so hopefully we'll see some details with the upcoming Glass Explorer Edition program.

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