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Galaxy S III variants got last-minute RAM upgrade 'to be future-proof' for Jelly Bean

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Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy S III for AT&T pictures
Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy S III for AT&T pictures

With the ink still drying on Google's announcement of Android 4.1 today, we've received word from a trusted source that Samsung made a late adjustment to the Galaxy S III's specs (in some markets, anyway) to accommodate whatever it was that Jelly Bean would demand. We're told that Samsung was intent on designing the phone to be "future-proof" — it didn't want to be left flat-footed in the wake of a new Android version announcement spaced just days apart from the Galaxy S III's US launches, presumably. The problem was that company's engineers weren't "100 percent sure" of Jelly Bean's final hardware requirements, so they upped the internal RAM to 2GB to hedge their bets.

Our source isn't aware of Samsung's specific plans for upgrading any version of the Galaxy S III to Jelly Bean yet, but by all appearances, the hardware is more than ready to accept it (let's not forget that the nearly two-year-old Nexus S is already signed up for an update).