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Sony wearable action camera prototype (hands-on)

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Sony's recently announced wearable action camera is currently in its prototype stage; it will arrive in early fall.

Gallery Photo: Sony Action Cam hands-on
Gallery Photo: Sony Action Cam hands-on

Sony recently released the first details of its wearable action camera, which will feature a Carl Zeiss "ultra-wide-angle" lens, image stabilization, and an Exmor R CMOS sensor. There's apparently no final model yet, but a pre-production prototype showed up at CE Line Week, and we were able to get a quick look. The camera is small enough to rival GoPro's offerings, and it has an interface that's as simple as we imagined, with buttons for recording and making selections on a tiny side screen. There's a small front-facing microphone, and the back opens up to reveal what we're guessing by the markings is SD or Sony Memory Stick storage. Sony also had what a spokesperson confirmed were waterproof housings on display; they clipped onto goggles, headbands, and bicycle handlebars. The camera itself is apparently water resistant, although it doesn't look to have the full waterproofing of Sony's new Handycam.

The version we saw didn't have working components, and Sony didn't give out many specs besides what's printed on the device itself. Pricing is still a mystery, but the still-unnamed action camera will be arriving in early fall along with a "wide range" of accessories besides what we saw today.