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Google+ gets new History API for third-party app and site integration

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Google+ is rolling out a new History API for developers that will allow third-party applications and sites to privately post events, called moments, to users' Google+ profiles for sharing.

Google plus logo padded
Google plus logo padded

Facebook users are used to having third-party applications and services post to their stream, and now Google+ is getting its strategy in place to do the same thing. VentureBeat spoke with Google's Louis Gray who explained that the History API will allow third-party services like Twitter and Foursquare to privately save events, known as "moments," to a given user's Google+ profile, at which point they can choose to share the events on their Google+ profile. While the History API will help bring Google+ to parity with Facebook's frictionless sharing, it could also allow Google+ users to help populate their profiles, no doubt encouraging users to stick with the service which has struggled to catch on with mainstream users. The History API is available only as part of the Google+ developer preview at the moment, giving developers time to prepare their sites and applications to take advantage of the feature.