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New Google Drive SDK supports third-party Android and iOS apps

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Version 2 of the Google Drive SDK lets developers integrate the cloud service into their apps for both Android and iOS devices.

Google Drive logo
Google Drive logo

One of the many rumors we heard about Google Drive before the cloud storage service's eventual release was support for third-party app integration via a software development kit. That didn't come to pass in the first version of the SDK, but that all changes today with version 2 — developers can now integrate Google Drive into their apps for both Android and iOS devices. Apps developed with the new SDK will let users view, edit, and upload files with Google Drive.

Until now Dropbox has been the most visible player in this space, with Apple's recent introduction of iCloud also gaining some support. Google has also given a few new compatibility features to web apps, including an embeddable sharing component and the ability to open Drive files in any app that works with the service's exportable formats.