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BlueStacks brings Android apps to Mac with App Player beta

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BlueStacks has released a beta version of its App Player software for Mac, bringing Android apps to Apple's platform.

BlueStacks Mac
BlueStacks Mac

BlueStacks has been making steady progress with its Android virtualization technology over the past six months on Windows, but the company has now released an early beta version for Mac users. The Mac variant provides access to 17 Android apps for now, including Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp. BlueStacks says it plans to expand the offerings "even more" with the next release.

On the Windows side of things, BlueStacks released an Alpha version of its software in late 2011 with a limited number of apps, increasing this to thousands of Android apps in March with the debut of a beta version. We took the App Player for a spin on the Mac today, but it's clear the software is in its early stages. Like the Windows Alpha version, there's a limited amount of apps and basic functionality. However, the apps ran well on our MacBook Air and we didn't experience any crashes or performance issues. The lack of apps is obviously an issue for now, but we hope to see the company bring the same level of apps to Mac as it has to Windows.