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Design your own HUD ski goggle apps with Android SDK

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Recon Instruments is releasing an SDK for its Mod Live HUD ski goggles. Developers will be able to access the long list of sensors on the MOD Live, including an altimeter, 3-axis accelerometer, and barometer.

recon instruments hud 640
recon instruments hud 640

If you’ve been wondering how you can bring your Android app idea to the legions of HUD-goggle-wearing snowboarders around the world, wait no longer. Recon Instruments, the company behind the MOD Live, is launching an SDK at Google I/O this week. Developers will be able to access APIs for the device's long list of sensors, which include an altimeter, 3-axis accelerometer, and a barometer. To show off what’s capable with the SDK, Recon is showing off an app called RTP LiveView (video below), that shows you current snow and weather conditions, and offers GPS mapping and lift information. Why wait until next year to realize your HUD dreams? Recon’s SDK is available for download now from its site.