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Android 4.1 preview for Galaxy Nexus leaked, available for download

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A ROM containing a preview Jelly Bean build for the Galaxy Nexus has been leaked. The Jelly Bean Play Store and wallpapers are also available for less adventurous users to try out.

Gallery Photo: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean images
Gallery Photo: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean images

A preview Jelly Bean ROM for the Galaxy Nexus has been leaked by RootzWiki. The release came just hours after Google pushed a Jelly Bean preview update over the air to I/O developers' Nexae. Rootz says that although the update Google released was solely for the GSM Galaxy Nexus, its build will work with Verizon's LTE version as well. Verizon users will have to stick to the company's 3G CDMA service if they want to try out the preview software — LTE won't work.

From early feedback, there aren't any major issues with the preview ROM, but you will need to root your Galaxy Nexus to install it. Assuming you understand the risks involved, head on over to the source link to try it out. If you're not comfortable with rooting and flashing devices, you can get a little taste of Android 4.1 by installing the new Play Store or Jelly Bean wallpapers, which have also been leaked, this time in the form of safe-to-install APK files.

Update: RootzWiki has just updated its article and let us know that LTE is now working. Enjoy!