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Google Nexus Q hack lets it start games, but not play them

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The Google Nexus Q has already been hacked so that it can start up games, though you can't actually play them.

Google Nexus Q game hack
Google Nexus Q game hack

Now that Google's Nexus Q is in the hands of some developers, people are already playing with the device to see what it's capable of — and in the case of Christina Kelly that means trying to get it to run games. Kelly managed to get the game Swords and Soldiers to start up on the device, though of course it's not actually playable. "We tried to run Osmos on it," she says, "but there's a multitouch requirement that the Q somehow does not satisfy." But while you may not be able to play the games, the achievement does show that there's some potential for the Nexus Q as a device that could spawn some interesting projects. After all, the made-in-America media streamer was only announced yesterday, and Kelly's pictures were posted last night — who knows what we'll see with a bit more time.