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Anonymous: from 4chan to the faceless visage of political activism

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Quinn Norton of Wired takes an in-depth look at who and what Anonymous truly is, and how a group of faceless internet denizens became a machine of political activism.

Anonymous Occupy NYC 1020 stock
Anonymous Occupy NYC 1020 stock

Anonymous has garnered plenty of attention lately, but understanding exactly who and what Anonymous is takes time and considerable explanation. Quinn Norton of Wired did just that, writing a chronology of Anonymous' primordial origins on 4chan to its ascent to international antihero. From its members' not-so-innocent pursuit of "lulz" to the high-stakes game of blackhat hacking, Anonymous has always been an army of nameless misfits who — without central leadership or individual glory — claim to pursue only one objective: to defend the free internet. For an in-depth look at what lurks behind the Guy Fawkes mask, be sure to give Norton's article a read, but be warned — this exploration of internet lore can only be described as "comprehensive."