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Louis C.K. sells 100,000 tour tickets online in just 45 hours

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In just 45 hours comedian Louis C.K. has sold 100,000 tickets for his upcoming tour online, for a box office gross of $4.5 million.

Louis CK
Louis CK

Two days ago comedian Louis C.K. began selling tickets for his upcoming tour directly to fans online — and 45 hours later he's already sold 100,000 tickets for a box office gross of $4.5 million. The tickets are $45 and don't carry any additional taxes or fees, and according to C.K. they're "less than anyone has actually paid to see me in about two years." The quick success shouldn't be too surprising, though — last year C.K. tried a similar experiment in which he sold the stand-up special Live at the Beacon Theatre directly from his website. In the first four days of availability 110,000 copies were sold for $200,000 in profit. His new comedy tour kicks off on October 3rd in Cleveland, Ohio.