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Google Chrome has 310 million active users, 'most popular browser in the world'

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At Google's 2012 I/O developer conference, the search giant announced that Google Chrome is, by their count, the most popular web browser in the world with 310 million users.

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Google's Chrome browser now has 310 million active users, nearly doubling the number of active users this time last year (160 million). Sundar Pichai, SVP of Chrome and Apps, says it's now the most popular browser in the world, and in providing more fun statistics, claims that 60 billion words are typed and 1TB data downloaded via Chrome every single day. He also say that Chrome's feature of prefetching the page saves the world 13 years of time every single day — which sounds like a lot until you consider that's 13 years of time spread out among 310 million, averaging to 1.32 seconds per user. We're guessing that 310 million figure is only going to get larger, especially with both its Nexus 7 tablet being the first to use Chrome as a standard browser and with Chrome coming to iPhone and iPad.

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