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Microsoft releases list of more than 180 countries with access to Windows Phone 8 Marketplace (updated)

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Microsoft is releasing a list of 180 countries that will get Windows Phone 8 Marketplace and the App Hub submission portal at launch. Previously, App Hub was only available in 34 countries.

Windows Phone Marketplace
Windows Phone Marketplace

We’ve heard Microsoft bandy around a figure of 180 countries getting Windows Phone 8 at launch for a week or so, but up until now we haven’t been able to see the list itself. Things are coming into focus today, as the company tells us exactly which 191 countries are getting Windows Phone 8 Marketplace and the company’s App Hub app submission portal when devices first hit stores. Perhaps more interesting than the list itself is the news that developers in every country with Windows Phone 8 Marketplace will be getting access to App Hub — a massive increase over the 38 markets available for aspiring developers in Marketplace’s previous iteration. It's not a guarantee that a consumer device will launch in your country, but we'd say it's not a bad sign if you're homeland is listed on the chart below (click the image for a larger version).


(This article is updated from the original to clarify Marketplace availability, not handset availability)