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Offline: Chicago

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Paul Miller continues his offline travels in Chicago.

paul offline
paul offline

The concept of travel has nothing to do with the internet, but as I've traveled over the past month, I've found the practicalities have very much to do with the internet. I've been this month, for varying lengths, in California, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Mexico, and now, finally, New York once again. Not having the internet meant paying more for Amtrak tickets, looking at paper maps, getting lost often, calling friends for help with directions, asking strangers for help with directions, being tempted to buy James Patterson books in airports, watching cable news in hotel rooms, and explaining at length to new acquaintances that no, I won't email them when I get home, but could I have their phone number?

You're about to watch a diary entry I filed in Chicago, where I'd finally recovered from my LA sunburn (obtained while biking the LA River on a rented fixie), was being hosted (and filmed) by the ultra-gracious Chris Ziegler, and enjoyed the wedding of Nilay and Becky (and horse) to the utmost. I hope it proves educational, entertaining, and inspiring.

Paul Miller will regularly be posting dispatches from the disconnected world on The Verge during his year away from the internet. He won't be reading your comments, but he'll be here in spirit.