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Twitter for Windows Phone updated to support notifications

Twitter for Windows Phone updated to support notifications


Twitter has updated its official Windows Phone app to include support for notifications on the platform.

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While there's plenty of Windows Phone Twitter clients available on the Marketplace, the official app has been updated this week to include support for Twitter notifications. Rival apps like Rowi have long supported the feature, but Twitter's official support brings it into line with its offerings on iOS and Android — including ways to customize the notifications . The latest 1.5 version for Windows Phone now includes support for mentions, favourite, retweets, direct messages, and even new follower notifications.

Twitter 1.5 for Windows Phone also supports notification alerts on its live tile. If the application is pinned to Windows Phone's home screen then the tile will flip to reveal a set of notifications, but there's no live tile counter to quickly see how many are available. Overall, it's a good improvement for the default app, but there's a whole host of other Twitter clients for Windows Phone that include a lot more functionality than the official client provides, and Twitter has been slow to respond with its own updates.