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Microsoft switches to File Explorer name in Windows 8, bids farewell to Windows Explorer

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Microsoft has renamed its Windows Explorer to File Explorer in Windows 8.

Windows 8 File Explorer
Windows 8 File Explorer

Microsoft wasn't kidding when it said there would be a few surprises for the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of Windows 8. While Aero is being killed off, the company has only dropped hints that there would be further changes to the final version of Windows 8. Win8china has spotted a change in some of the latest builds where Windows Explorer is renamed to File Explorer.

The change is fairly minor, the Explorer functionality remains regardless of its name, but it's another move away from the Windows legacy in Windows 8. The company used to use the File Manager name for an application in early versions of Windows that allowed users to create and manage files and directories. Windows Explorer replaced this functionality in Windows 95, and Microsoft also introduced its Start menu and Start button in 1995. With the removal of the Start button and menu from Windows 8, partly down to the fact people stopped using it, and the general overhaul of Windows — it's clear Microsoft is willing to do whatever it takes to freshen up its operating system. We expect to see further changes ahead of the RTM, which is tentatively scheduled for late July. A final copy of Windows 8 should arrive in stores for mid-October.

Thanks, UltraWindows!