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Facebook may be testing a 'Want' button for products

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Facebook is reportedly testing a Want button, which could sit alongside the already ubiquitous Like button.

facebook logo 1020
facebook logo 1020

You can already Like things on Facebook, but soon you may be able to Want them as well. According to developer Tom Waddington, as reported by Inside Facebook, a new "want" tag has been added to Facebook's Javascript software development kit. The button will reportedly only work with objects that are labelled as products. While it's likely that Facebook is only testing out the new feature for now, a Want button seems like a distinct possibility in the wake of the social network's recent issues with advertisers and concerns over profitability — not to mention its falling stock price and userbase. Unlike the Like button, a Want button would signal actual purchase intent, something that could be very useful for advertisers. Unfortunately we'll have to wait and see if Facebook will give you the option to let everyone know exactly what you want.