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The Vergecast is live today at 4PM EDT/ 8PM GMT/ 9PM BST

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Josh Vergecast
Josh Vergecast

We know, it's a day later than it's supposed to be, but The Vergecast is back today for another hour (or so) of the week's tech news talk. It's been a very, very busy week for Google so you can expect to hear a lot about that. Nilay is still doing the whole "endless summer" thing (he'll be back next week!) and Paul is... well, Paul still isn't using the internet, and won't be on a Vergecast where someone is on Skype.

Today, Josh will be joined via Skype by Dieter Bohn who was also on the ground at Google I/O, Ellis Hamburger who just made his network television debut in a recent "90 Seconds on The Verge", and Laura June, who was the only other person available. Just kidding, we love her. Wait, I am her. I'm great.

As always, remember that if you'd like to play The Vergecast Home Game, you can: Verge Bingo.

Don't be late!

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