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HP says it won't sell an ARM-based Windows 8 tablet initially, planning Intel-only business version

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HP says it is not planning to release a Windows RT tablet initially, sticking to Intel-based Windows 8 ones first of all.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview on ViewSonic tablet
Windows 8 Consumer Preview on ViewSonic tablet

We have heard that Windows RT tablets may be limited in availability at launch, with HTC reportedly denied permission to develop one, but HP says it has no plans to release an ARM-based Windows 8 tablet at launch. Speaking to Bloomberg, the company says it will stick to Intel x86 Windows 8 tablets first. Separately, SemiAccurate says the move could be related to Microsoft's recently announced Surface tablets — a claim that HP denies.

Apart from Microsoft itself, Asus is the only company that has announced a Windows RT tablet, with rumors suggesting that Dell may be planning its own ARM-based tablet ready for Windows 8's launch later this year.

Update: HP has issued us a statement to confirm the report. "Our first Win 8 tablet will be on the x86 platform focused on the business market," said a company spokesperson. "The decision to go with x86 was influenced by input from our customers. The robust and established ecosystem of x86 applications provides the best customer experience at this time and in the immediate future."