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Asus Nexus 7 pre-orders now available through Gamestop

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The 16GB Asus Nexus 7 is now available for pre-order through Gamestop in the United States for $249.

Gallery Photo: Nexus 7 pictures
Gallery Photo: Nexus 7 pictures

Instead of only available through the Google Play store, you can now pre-order the recently announced Asus Nexus 7 at Gamestop retail locations and through the company's online store in the United States. The first Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tablet is priced at $249 for the 16GB version, with no option for the 8GB model, and as an added incentive, Gamestop is offering an additional 30 percent in trade-in credit when customers put video games and hardware toward the purchase of a new Nexus 7. While the company has yet to provide a confirmed ship date, Google has promised general availability for the Nexus 7 would begin in mid-July. Unfortunately, Gamestop's pre-order page is unavailable at the moment, but while you wait, check out our comprehensive review.