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Delta adding Wi-Fi to international flights in 2013

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Delta has announced that starting in 2013 in-flight Wi-Fi will be coming to long-haul international flights.

In-Flight Wi-Fi US Air (1020)
In-Flight Wi-Fi US Air (1020)

Starting early next year, Delta will be adding in-flight Wi-Fi to its long-haul international flights. More than 150 planes will be outfitted with the service, which will use high-bandwidth Ku-band satellites for coverage. Delta already offers Gogo-powered air-to-ground Wi-Fi on its 550 domestic mainline planes, and it expects the international rollout to be complete by 2015 — at which point its worldwide fleet of internet-enabled aircraft is expected to total 1,000. While you'll have to wait until 2013 to make use of the new service, at least it'll give you the chance to play Pocket Planes while inside of an actual plane.