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Google's 'Save to Wallet' simplifies adding coupons and cards to your Google Wallet

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A new Google Wallet feature simplifies the process of adding coupons or cards to your virtual wallet.

Google Wallet save to wallet
Google Wallet save to wallet

At its I/O event, Google's Peter Hazlehurst unveiled a new Google Wallet feature that makes it easier to add offers and payment cards to your account. Called "Save to Wallet," the feature is a Javascript API that adds a button to a website or app so that you can save information directly to your wallet. So, for instance, if you're on a website and you spot a coupon for a meal, you can click the button and it will save the coupon to your Google Wallet. You'll receive an email notification and the next time you're in the appropriate restaurant you can simply open the coupon on your mobile Google Wallet app when you pay.

"It makes it really, really easy to redeem them," Hazlehurst explained. The same goes for payment cards — Hazlehurst demonstrated adding a card directly from Discover's site using the same button. You simply give Google permission and it's added to your wallet. The APIs are currently only available for Google's merchant partners in a "limited beta," and the company says that additional "Save to Wallet" features are coming soon.