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    Google+ Events calendar spam fix in the works

    Google+ Events calendar spam fix in the works


    After numerous complaints, Google is working on fixing a problem that caused Google+ users to be spammed with Events requests.

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    Events for Google+ brought a much desired feature to the social network, but an oversight in how the event planning system works resulted in some users being inundated with spam. By default, invites sent to users through Google+ Events would automatically synched with their Google Calendar, even if they haven't confirmed their attendance. The issue was first publicized by actor Wil Wheaton, who make a public request for a fix after being hit with an undesirable number of event invitations. Senior vice president of social at Google Vic Gundotra responded to Wheaton saying:

    We are doing exactly what you requested. We should have contemplated and anticipated how people would abuse this and how painful this could be for celebrities with large followings. We have pushed a number of fixes yesterday (some were bug fixes that showed up at scale). Expect more fixes today. Sorry for the trouble Will.Although Google has not provided a timeline for a fix, users can adjust their Google Calendar settings to hide the events in the interim.