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Watch this: Google's I/O 2012 day two keynote video now live

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Google has posted its second keynote online, complete with announcements about Chrome, Drive, and its new Compute Engine.

Google Drive iOS hero (1020)
Google Drive iOS hero (1020)

Google's second keynote didn't contain as many hardware announcements as the first, but the company did provide a closer look at its ancillary software. The first major announcement was that Chrome would be coming to the iPhone and iPad, and we've already gotten a chance to give it a spin. Next, it was announced that Google Drive would be coming to iOS and Chrome OS, featuring optical character and image recognition, as well as real-time collaboration. Google also unveiled a totally new product — Compute Engine — which is a direct competitor with Amazon's EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute) service. There's plenty more information where that came from, so if you didn't get a chance to watch it yesterday, all 79 minutes of Google's second I/O keynote are ready to be watched below.