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Lytro CEO Ren Ng steps down, assumes Executive Chairman role

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Lytro creator and CEO, Ren Ng, has announced that he will be stepping down to focus on product development and strategy.

Lytro Ren Ng stock 1024
Lytro Ren Ng stock 1024

Ren Ng, creator and CEO of light field camera maker Lytro, has announced that he will be stepping down and taking on a new role as the company's Executive Chairman. Detailed in a blog post on the company's website, Ng says he will shift his focus from day-to-day operations to a more product development and strategy-centric position. While the company has not named a permanent replacement, the company's current Executive Chairman Charles Chi will be taking the helm as interim CEO. While no further explanation was provided for the reorganization, Ng says that the shift will allow him to focus on areas where he is "most passionate."