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    Play this: 'Home'

    Play this: 'Home'


    'Home' is a short interactive fiction-style game that promises a murder mystery with events that change slightly based on your actions.

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    Combat-free horror games have become more prominent over the past few years, with both Limbo and Amnesia delivering plenty of unsettling moments in the context of puzzle-solving or platforming. Home, a short game released on June 1st, looks to skew more towards the interactive fiction side of things: it's a pixelated tale that supposedly changes "subtly, almost imperceptibly to reflect your perspective" as you progress through it. From what we've played so far, it clearly takes stylistic cues from Resident Evil and other early survival horror games, but the gameplay is stripped down to walking around and examining your surroundings while making text-based decisions.

    Home is $2 and Windows-only, though we've had reasonable results with Wine in Linux. It's been pumped up pre-launch with an in-character Twitter feed and a live-action trailer; The Indie Game Magazine also has a nice write-up of it here. If you can spare the money, it's as good a time as any to board up the windows, put on the headphones, and see if there's anything afoot in that creepy house with the dead man in the hallway.