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LG reveals refreshed X Note Z350 and Z450 ultrabooks powered by Ivy Bridge processors

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LG has announced two new ultrabooks in Korea, the 13.3-inch Z330 and the 14-inch Z450 X Note. Both replaced the Z330 and Z430 "Super Ultrabooks," and now have Intel's Ivy Bridge Core i5 and Core i7 processors.

LG Z Note Z350 Z450 ultrabooks press
LG Z Note Z350 Z450 ultrabooks press

LG has seen it fit to refresh its 13.3-inch Z330 and 14-inch Z430 "Super Ultrabooks" today with Intel's latest Core i5 and i7 Ivy Bridge processors. Unfortunately, the Korean press release doesn't offer too many hard specs on the new Z350 and Z450 — forget availability dates and prices — but the company does say that it has dropped boot times down by a full second from the previous generation to a total of just nine. The Z450 has a 500GB hard drive and SSD combo to help get those quick boot-times, though it's not clear if the Z350 has the same system or just an SSD. Both ultrabooks appear to share the same chassis as the models they replace, and we're told that the Z350 is 14.7mm thick and weighs in at 1.2kg — specs that line up with the older Z330. Just like the system the Z350 replaces, LG says that it has managed to squeeze the 13.3-inch display into a smaller footprint that's akin to what you'd expect from a 12-inch system, thanks to a smaller bezel. Lastly, both systems are said to have Intel WiDi to wirelessly stream 1080p video to compatible TVs and devices.